Wyatt McDill



Los Angeles-based artist Wyatt McDill has been painting perspectives into his artwork for two decades. The contemplative painter uses his art as a vehicle for establishing an ongoing conversation between artist, viewer and object. Combining lighting, background coloring, subtractions, angles, and nostalgia, he creates retrospective art that empowers viewers to create new meaning in archaic objects. His art has been featured in galleries nationwide, as well as the Los Angeles County Store and all Room and Board locations.


In his Tru series, "Machines of California Industry," Wyatt draws inspiration from iconic vintage objects that represent place, time, and California's contributions to culture. His appreciation for the meticulous design of machinery drives his obsession for showcasing vintage objects such as transistor radios, Polaroid cameras and typewriters in new ways. Wyatt’s paintings bridge the gap between mere representation and iconography, engaging mind and heart to reveal the disparity between the present and bygone eras.


Why we love him: Wyatt makes the past dynamic and relevant to our future.

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