Tom Veiga


The Serie Waves arts collections are inspired by the sensations and feelings that the sea wind, the sun's heat and the movement of waves transmit. My art is the result of two passions, the union of my profession as a designer and my passion for waves.

I always had a dream to work with surf and worked for years to achieve this dream, but in March 2012 changed the busy life at an advertising agency in Curitiba to live art, soon I changed Curitiba to go fulfill my dream of living in beach, so I moved to Garopaba, southern coast of Santa Catarina, here I almost every day with my kids buy direct live fish from the fisherman canoe and we give food to the seagulls as we walk on the beach.

My work seeks to interpret the most of the unique characteristics of each wave using minimal traces possible using design as a tool, enhancing colors, contrasts and movements and transmitting it a bit of tropicality Brazil.

God was very inspired when he created the sea and designed the waves, all very perfect, each wave has a shape, a color, a unique feature, and all this inspired me to reflect that beauty of the sea and waves through design.

I have had the joy of sending jobs to more than 40 countries, has also given many lectures on the creative process in colleges and universities, in addition to exhibits by Brazil, Argentina, Usa, France, Spain and Japan, and sign several legal projects by world, if you're interested in doing a project together, buy a reproduction or exclusive art, or want to invite to a presentation or interview can contact by

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