Surfers Healing

When former competitive surfer Israel “Izzy” Paskowitz saw his autistic son struggle with sensory overload, he did what any loving parent would do: he took his child out for a fun father-son adventure. As the two climbed onto a surfboard together for the first time — Izzy steering from the back, and his son sitting at the front — Izzy noticed the profound impact the ocean had on his son. Motivated to share this fun, natural therapy with other children, Izzy and his wife founded Surfers Healing. Through this nonprofit, they help kids with autism and other conditions discover the healing power of surfing. Surfers Healing holds day camps throughout the country each year, and has shown countless kids that connecting with nature is therapeutic, energizing, and just plain fun. And here’s the best part: these camps are completely free for families living with Autism.


Why we love them: Surfers Healing helps all kids discover the therapeutic powers of surfing.

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