Philip DeAngelo


A lifelong painter with a distinct, textured aesthetic, Philip DeAngelo captures the saturated color, simple shapes and unique textures of the natural landscapes around us. His paintings are often inspired by the abstract image we see when we glance upon a new landscape for the first time.

Philip DeAngelo has been captivating art enthusiasts for decades with his textural oil and acrylic paintings. The painter opened the acclaimed Sagemore Gallery in 1997, through which he developed a strong presence in the U.S. arts scene and pioneered the practice of selling artwork online. An arts community leader, Phil DeAngelo was instrumental in developing new arts programs in Ocean City, NJ, before founding Surfing Artists International to represent artists in 60 countries worldwide. A longtime beach resident, DeAngelo now lives in mountainous Asheville, NC, where he showcases his art at Broken Road Studio and adds to the city’s eclectic, thriving arts scene.

Why we love him: Philip’s use of color and texture makes each of his paintings a truly sensory experience.


"Portrait by Rimas Zailskas"

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