Isabelle Alford-Lago



Isabelle Alford-Lago began creating her art at a young age. As she studied painting and a variety of forms at USC, and in Florence, Italy, her art solidified into an integral part of her communication. Her paintings convey abstract ideas through visual language, inviting viewers to speak in tones based on emotions and intellect. Her artwork captures her love for nature, culture and travel.

She infuses fun, imagination, and her love for nature and the outdoors into the public space. Whether working on an intricately-detailed cell phone case or on the expansive canvas of a street mural, her layered, oil designs strive to enhance the world by finding the humor and beauty in everyday life and people. Her imaginative take on reality creates a unique character that is her own. The semi-realistic whimsical natures of her characters take on lives of their own through the painting and naming process, as they're given relatable personalities and life.

Her art has been featured in art shows, publications, in public space as street art, and at Web Summit, Dublin, Ireland 2014. Collectors from around the world have showcased her paintings.

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