Heather Brown


It only takes one look at a Heather Brown painting to know what inspires this renowned surf artist: the beauty and culture of the islands she calls home. A vibrant visionary with a loyal global following, Heather Brown is one of the most loved surf artists of our time.

An ambassador for Foam Magazine and Artist of the Search for Rip Curl, Heather Brown is a leader in the modern surf art movement. Whether depicting the perfect surf break or the beautiful landscape of Oahu’s North Shore, the artist captivates art and surf enthusiasts alike with her vibrant aesthetic. Heather’s art has graced the walls of leading galleries from Hawaii to Japan, and has been showcased in countless high-profile solo exhibits including those at the Heather Brown Gallery in Japan. A favorite of Foam Magazine and other leading surf publications, Heather’s art has also been featured in product lines from top-notch international brands such as Rip Curl.

Although Heather is beloved around the globe, the artist remains dedicated to preserving the Hawaiian sands and sea that inspire her. She supports numerous environmental nonprofits including the Kokua Hawai’i Foundation, Wyland Foundation and Seathos Foundation — causes close to Tru’s heart.

Why we love her: Heather celebrates the beauty of Hawaii’s culture and environment through her art and advocacy.



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