The Beauty of Los Angeles After Dark Captured in Art


"Hollenbeck Park" by Gregg Segal, featured on LA Mag.

At Trü Protection, we love the sun and sand, but sometimes the most intriguing city spectacles appear after dark. Showcasing the subject of light, LA photographic artist Gregg Segal has captured a different side of LA’s film industry exquisitely. His haunting and evocative images, presented in a gorgeous slideshow entitled “After Glow,” are featured on LA Magazine’s website. “This is one of the rare times that I don’t have to set up lights. Because the subject is the light,” Greg told LA Magazine.

A storyteller at heart, Gregg employs his art to highlight the drama of scenes some might disregard as ordinary. His distinctive point-of-view was encouraged by his mother who gave him his first camera. He strives to avoid categorization while carving out his own individual niche in the LA art scene.

In a city known for its glitz and glamour, movie film shoots takes place every day all over town. Even people passing through LAX are apt to see a film crew setting up for a scene. “After Glow” underscores the iconic history of LA’s film industry in an approach not often seen - after dark.

As a true artist, Gregg sees the specific parts that make up the whole. Where a typical spectator might pass over a set as a simple visual backdrop to a storyline, he zeros in on the set up as a story unto itself. “After Glow” embodies the uniqueness that is Los Angeles.

At Trü Protection, we are proud Los Angelenos and love the creativity that breathes life into our city. Combined with our passion for art, we are big fans of Gregg Sengal’s work. If you love art that depicts the beauty of Los Angeles, you’ll love our collection of iPhone cases with designs by popular LA artists, including Sarah Klinger, Wyatt McDill, Isabelle Alford-Lago, and Max Podemski