Trü Protection LA Art Contest Winner Announced!


Our Instagram followers have spoken: the winner of our LA Art Contest is Sara Lazaroff, the designer of “Victorian Lady of the House.”

We had some incredible entries and we loved seeing so many unique designs and art styles from art students and artists from across the country. We’d like to thank all of you who took the time to share your phenomenal creations with us. With such a varied selection of exceptional entries, we are ecstatic to have a sneak a peek at the future of art.

If you know Trü Protection, you understand our commitment to the environment and our sincere devotion to art when creating precision protection for your devices. This contest was just one example of the many ways we give back to the art community. As the winner of this contest, Sara not only received $300, but her design will also be featured on our iPhone protection cases. We hope this helps her share her art with the public and use her prize winnings to create more amazing art.

Once again, we congratulate Sara Lazaroff, whose work stood out amidst the plethora of extraordinary submissions. We’re sure you’ll be seeing more of this one’s work in the future! The iPhone protection case featuring her design will be available for purchase from March 7th through April 7th, so order yours before they’re gone! Until then, check out our other products, including protection cases designed by a number of other talented artists and screen films for iPhones, iPads, the Samsung Galaxy, and other popular smartphones. All of our products are made in LA from recyclable materials and can be recycled.

This surely won’t be our last contest. Follow us on social media (including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and subscribe to our email newsletter to make sure you don’t miss out on any special promotions, giveaways, and contests.

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